Blog Happenings for the End of 2012

Because I’m using National Novel Writing Month to launch myself back into writing my fantasy series, my blogging time has been short lately. So, instead of pushing through and getting out some sub-par entries, I’ve decided to put my blogs on hold for the rest of November.

However, I will be posting the entry for Stanza 8 of “Dum Diane vitrea” this coming Tuesday, while the final wrap-up entry for that poem will be posted on 4 December.

So, enjoy what’s posted here and over at A Glass Darkly for the rest of November, and watch for new content come December!

Oh, and if you’re interested, watch my video game blog for a new article every Saturday, plus an extra one this Monday!

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The Last of its Name

These look back/look ahead entries have proven to be less useful than anticipated. Because the lists that get posted here are seldom worked on over the course of the week, and part of each of the last three Sundays have been consumed by these entries to little avail, I’m going to be stopping their posting all together.

However, as one final list, here’s what I’m planning on doing between now and the end of the calendar year:

  • Outlined and completed Dekar 4
  • Outlined and completed Dekar 5
  • Edited and made publicly presentable a very loosely autobiographical novel about an English teacher in South Korea
  • Edited and made publicly presentable a poetic novel about mythological creatures
  • Edited and made publicly presentable an epic poem about a night in the life of a dishwasher
  • Gathered and organized all of my poetry
  • Gathered and organized all of my short stories
  • Had 3 short stories accepted for publication
  • Had 1 poem accepted for publication

As you might’ve guessed from such a list of creative writing-related tasks, I’m dropping this update from my blogging schedule so that I can have more time for my fiction and poetry writing.

However, as counter productive as it may seem, I’m still planning to start a video game playlog over over the coming weeks.

Until then keep checking out this blog and my general blog: A Glass Darkly.

The latter has the usual creative writing post on Monday, movie review on Friday (this week: The Screaming Skull), and “annotated links” post on Saturday.

Meanwhile, here at this blog you’ll be able to find the second stanza of “Dum Diane vitrea” on Tuesday, and the first of Wiglaf’s reactions to Beowulf’s death on Thursday.

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After a Partial Peter Gabriel Eclipse

Over the past week, here’s what I’ve done for the sake of my fiction and poetry writing:

  • Outlined four of the five acts of the audio drama that I’m currently working on;
  • Worked out all of the climactic events for my perspective characters in Dekar 4 – except for the main female character;
  • Begun to research some of the magazines I’m thinking of sending my short story to;
  • Noted more story ideas.

By this week’s end I’ll have:

  • Completed my research into magazines and made a short list of five to send my stories to;
  • Sent my stories to the first magazine from this list;
  • Written up and organized a chapter-by-chapter outline of Dekar 4;
  • Written out the next act (4 scenes) of the audio drama I’m working on.

If you’re wondering why this second list is fairly similar to the to-do list from last week’s entry, my only excuse is that going to see Peter Gabriel in Toronto was a major distraction. In fact, here are the two highlights of the show (thanks to babyVantage and apc611 respectively):

This week’s distraction will be a jaunt out to see “Whose Live Is It Anyway” at the Center in The Square. All the same, I’ll have ample time for writing and planning, so I think that I’ll be able to make short work of this week’s to-do list.

Along with that, I’ll be posting my translation of the first verse (for real this week) of “Dum Diane vitrea” on Tuesday and of Beowulf’s final words on Thursday.

Over at A Glass Darkly, you can find some creative writing tomorrow, a search for the salient in Samuel L. Jackson’s The Samaritan on Friday, and some more “Annotated Links” on Saturday.

And, watch for regular updates over at my page.

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Shining a Light Fore and Aft

Welcome to the first Sunday Edition of A Glass Darkly.

In keeping with the themes of my other entries in this blog, since Sunday is named for the Sun, these entries will shine a light on what I did related to my writing over the previous week, while also using that light to peer ahead into the next. Yes, there will be lists, but there’ll also be a little bit of description. Let’s get to it.

As you might remember from the last “Update Entry” I made, I wrote that I was going to provide an update every three days rather than every two. That was back on Monday, and so things have sort of slackened on that end of things.

However, I’m now yanking that slack and drawing in the last parts of that blog update for this Sunday entry. So, in the future, those sorts of blog updates will come out every Sunday. In the meantime, these entries will be all about my writing efforts.

Over the past week, here’s what I’ve done for the sake of my fiction and poetry writing:

  • Re-organized the schedule of A Glass Darkly to better accomodate my fiction and poetry writing;
  • Come up with the climactic moment for my current fantasy novel (Working title: Dekar 4);
  • Made notes for a number of short stories;
  • Done some world building for that fantasy series I’m working on (the world’s cosmology, history, and magic system, specifically);
  • Compiled a list of Canadian science fiction magazines.

As a refresher, here are the things still outstanding from the blog update of August ’12:

  • Send out two short stories to magazines
  • Outline entirety of the fantasy novel I’m writing
  • Completed 10 of those chapters
  • Completed the next act (4 scenes) of an audio drama I’m working on

It’s my hope that I’ll have all of these wrapped up come next Sunday.

Until then, don’t miss tomorrow’s creative writing entry and Friday’s look at Luke Wilson and Samuel L. Jackson’s Meeting Evil over at A Glass Darkly. Plus, on Saturday, you’ll be able to find the newest “Annotated Links” at that blog as well.

And keep an eye out for Tuesday’s translation of a poem possibly written by Peter Abelard (of the famed pair of star-crossed medieval lovers Héloïse and Abelard), “Dum Diane vitrea,” followed by Thursday’s look at Beowulf’s burial instructions here at Tongues in Jars.

Oh, you might also have remembered that I mentioned a video game blog that I’d be starting up soon. I still intend to start it sooner rather than later, so watch for a link in future entries.

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Blog Break Progressing (Update Entry #2)

The blog update has picked up a bit over the last two days, but so has my non-blog work. As a result, the to-do list has seen steady progress but less than I’d expected. As of tonight here is where each task stands:

  • Recorded, edited, and uploaded all of the missing translation recordings;
  • All of the outstanding recordings are now finished and just need to be edited and posted.

  • Created and posted a hyperlinked portfolio page on these blogs;
  • I’m in the middle of completing the entries for the portfolio – about 1/3 are finished and almost all of them are hyperlinked.

  • Made all of the titles of entries uniform across both blogs;
  • Sent out two short stories to magazines;
  • I have the short stories chosen, and just need to send them. However, this task might be the last to be finished since I still need to organize a list of prospects.

  • Created a central, personal blog on tumblr;
  • I now have a tumblr account, but it isn’t yet set up as a blog page. Expect more on this front soon.

  • Created a Facebook Writer/Author page;
  • I now have a Facebook Writer’s page, but it’s still something of a blank slate. You can find it here.

  • Outlined the next 10 chapters for the fantasy novel I’m writing;
  • I’ve peeked at what I have written so far, but since I haven’t done anything outside of world building for months, I need to re-read it more closely. This should be completed by Monday at the latest.

  • Completed five of those chapters;
  • Since the plan still needs writing, these chapters aren’t anywhere near being written just yet.

  • Completed the next act (four scenes) of an audio drama I’m working on;
  • No progress yet.

  • Completed my two outstanding commissions;
  • Both of these have been completed and just need to be shown to the people who’ve requested them. Since I’ve done all I can with them (for now), I’ve crossed them off this list.

  • Created a Commissions page (accessible through every blog) to accept new commissions.
  • The draft is still sitting, just as it was on Tuesday.

Check back here on Saturday for the to-do list’s current status.

And, of course, be sure to catch tomorrow’s All-Request August movie review over at A Glass Darkly. I’ll be looking for the likeable in the TV miniseries Earthsea!

Plus, for some of my writing that’s not hosted on Blogger, check out my video game blog over at