Blogger’s Beowulf Book Update #10

A scribe at a medieval writing desk perhaps copying out Beowulf the poem itself.

A scribe hard at work (…or could marginalia making mean that they’re hardly working?). Image from

All right. I feel like an explanation is in order. I did miss the last update after all. And it’s June. And this book update marks their entrance in double digits. And there’s still no sign of the damned Beowulf book!

So, somewhat anticlimactically, but completely honestly, the reason for all three of those things is a desire to indulge in my laziness.

With the change to full time work, the dropping away of of the weekly podcast grind until November, and the (successful!) hunt for a new place to live, I made a conscious decision to sit back and chill out for a few weeks. So it was a mental health kind of thing, I wanted to give myself some space.

But now I’m back!

And I am not going to promise any thing about when the poem by itself will be available.

Now, I’ll post here the minute I have the pre-order for the book set up. But, until then, I’m going to focus my free time on completing the formatting and such of my Beowulf and then slowly getting the commentaries together for the complete edition of my translation. With every thing else out of the way (I just need to touch up that review for ATB Publishing‘s upcoming X-Files collection…), I’m confident that I can finally give the poem the focus it deserves and dedicate the energy needed to finish this final leg of my current journey with it.

All that’s left to say is, as always: Thanks for sticking with me through this project!