Blogger’s Beowulf Book Update #11

The top part of the cover for NSC Zacharewicz's translation of Beowulf. Image copyright Easton Press, created by Yoann Lossel.

I commissioned this piece for my cover art. Art and design by Yoann Lossel, original image copyright Easton Press.

At last, the poem only version of Beowulf: A Mostly Modern Verse Translation is up on Amazon!

I’ve enrolled it in KDP Select to see how well it will be picked up by those in the largest slice of the e-book market. Though, more specifically, I am also curious to see how much of it gets read when it’s available for free to those who have a Kindle Unlimited subscription.

Now, this does mean that the book will be exclusively on Amazon. But just for 3 months.

So I’ll be bringing Beowulf: A Mostly Modern Verse Translation to Kobo, Google, and Barnes and Noble (and a few other markets!) in early January of 2020.

Going wide with Beowulf: A Mostly Modern Verse Translation should be much quicker since I’ll just need to unenroll the book from KDP Select, take the version of it that I’ve saved on Draft2Digital, and then publish to multiple markets through that service.

So for the time being, you can exclusively find Beowulf: A Mostly Modern Verse Translation on Amazon here:

Until I finish the version with the blog post commentaries and/or make this version of the poem widely available, all that’s left to say is: Thanks for sticking with me through this project!