Hire Me

Along with being an author, I am also pen for hire — whether you need a pen for writing or for editing!

Writing Services
A black pen sitting on a story for the writing part of my hire me page.

As a freelance writer, I am available to write web content, blog posts, and research articles. I am an expert in nerd culture, pop culture, food and drink, history (especially of medieval Europe), literature, and video games. I can best write in these areas for a general audience.

I charge on a per project basis, and base my prices on a $30/hour rate. But, please contact me at nsczach at gmail dot com with all of the details of your project for an estimate.

Editing Services
A red pen sitting on a bit of fiction for the editing part of my hire me page.

I am also available to edit fantasy and science fiction.

As your editor I will:

  • Scour your piece of writing for any and all spelling, grammar, and usage errors and correct them;
  • Keep an eye out for consistency in names and dates across your piece of writing;
  • Point out any plot or character arc holes and provide advice on closing them.

I charge on a per project basis. As a rough estimate, a manuscript that is 100 typed pages would cost about $500 for me to edit.

If you’re interested in working with me, please contact me at nsczach at gmail dot com with all of the details of your project for a personalized estimate.

Here’s what some of my past clients have had to say about my services:

“Nick volunteered for the Canadian Go Association, editing their newsletter. During this time, Nick showed his editing expertise and great punctuality. Within all deadlines assigned Nick submitted his edits to the Canadian Go Association. These edits greatly helped in the production of the newsletter publication. We at the Canadian Go Association would be happy to work with Nick again on future endeavours.”
-Matt M., Secretary of the Canadian Go Society

“Nick is an excellent, reliable editor whose suggestions are always constructive and helpful to my writing. I know that if I get a piece edited by him it’s going to come out far more polished and typo-free than it was before.”
-Holly M.