Blogger’s Beowulf Book Update #8

A scribe at a medieval writing desk perhaps copying out Beowulf the poem itself.

A scribe hard at work (…or could marginalia making mean that they’re hardly working?). Image from

So…where’s the poem?

Still in the works.

At least the forward, and those final points for the poem mentioned in the previous post, are. Though that’s enough to delay it for just a little bit longer.


As it turns out having all of my weekends filled with family and friend stuff, getting a review of an episode of 2005’s Night Stalker together, keeping up with the podcast stuff I do, deciding to change jobs (and mustering the gumption to get my two weeks’ notice into the job I’ll be leaving sooner than later), knowing that my wife and I need to get going on apartment hunting a week ago, and facing down the financial reality in which we’re currently living have all been pretty distracting.

(A randomized rom of the Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past hasn’t been helping things either.)

A Hopeful Plan

Thankfully, May is looking like I should have a little more down time, or at least a much more regular schedule. Given the few things I have left to do to complete this project I want to say that these update posts shouldn’t get past #10.


But I’m still very much trying to integrate my self-publishing work into my current day-to-day and week-to-week routines and habits. And so I could be a little off with that estimate.

Though I do feel pretty confident about having this project wrapped up by the end of May. It definitely feels pretty do-able, generous almost.

But if there’s anything I’ve learned from this process so far, it’s not wise to make promises without a solid basis, and given how much change is coming down the pike for me, I don’t think I have that solid of a basis to work from. So, we’ll see — and I’ll try to finish this up before the end of May.

So, all I’ll say with 100% conviction is this: Thanks for sticking with me through this project!

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