After a Partial Peter Gabriel Eclipse

Over the past week, here’s what I’ve done for the sake of my fiction and poetry writing:

  • Outlined four of the five acts of the audio drama that I’m currently working on;
  • Worked out all of the climactic events for my perspective characters in Dekar 4 – except for the main female character;
  • Begun to research some of the magazines I’m thinking of sending my short story to;
  • Noted more story ideas.

By this week’s end I’ll have:

  • Completed my research into magazines and made a short list of five to send my stories to;
  • Sent my stories to the first magazine from this list;
  • Written up and organized a chapter-by-chapter outline of Dekar 4;
  • Written out the next act (4 scenes) of the audio drama I’m working on.

If you’re wondering why this second list is fairly similar to the to-do list from last week’s entry, my only excuse is that going to see Peter Gabriel in Toronto was a major distraction. In fact, here are the two highlights of the show (thanks to babyVantage and apc611 respectively):

This week’s distraction will be a jaunt out to see “Whose Live Is It Anyway” at the Center in The Square. All the same, I’ll have ample time for writing and planning, so I think that I’ll be able to make short work of this week’s to-do list.

Along with that, I’ll be posting my translation of the first verse (for real this week) of “Dum Diane vitrea” on Tuesday and of Beowulf’s final words on Thursday.

Over at A Glass Darkly, you can find some creative writing tomorrow, a search for the salient in Samuel L. Jackson’s The Samaritan on Friday, and some more “Annotated Links” on Saturday.

And, watch for regular updates over at my page.

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