Blogger’s Beowulf Book Update #7

A scribe at a medieval writing desk perhaps copying out Beowulf the poem itself.

A scribe hard at work (…or could marginalia making mean that they’re hardly working?). Image from

Okay, this will be pretty quick.

Life Stuff

Last week I interviewed for a new job, and chose to go in for a paid test shift. That shift was yesterday. I’m almost 100% sure that I’m going to change jobs, but have nonetheless been occupied by the few remaining connections I still feel with my current work and how best to put together and submit my two weeks’ notice.

On Wednesday my grandmother on my dad’s side of the family passed away. We weren’t terribly close, and, honestly, I’ve struggled over the last few days to come up with memories of explicit encouragement or warm moments that we shared. I know that she felt warmly towards all us grandkids, but I just don’t think she was great at expressing it in the ways that TV grandparents had convinced me were, well, standard.

Unfortunately there isn’t a third concrete thing that’s pulled me away from working on the Beowulf book, but the combination of needing to start apartment hunting, needing to research and start editing for the latest episode of Fanthropological, spending time with my wife, making time for friends, and taking a few moments for myself here and there are a great stand-in for such a thing.

However, with all that said all I need to do with the poem is double check that I’ve used the right quotation marks, I’ve actually capitalized every word that comes after a period, and that after every colon comes a capital as well. So it should be released before the next update post on April 25th.

Partial Cover Reveal

Also, having the cover ready definitely helps make that timeline feasible.

And here’s a partial preview of that cover (art and design by Yoann Lossel, original image copyright Easton Press):

The top part of the cover for NSC Zacharewicz's translation of Beowulf. Image copyright Easton Press, created by Yoann Lossel.

I just commissioned this piece. Art and design by Yoann Lossel, original image copyright Easton Press.

As always: Thanks for sticking with me through this project!

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