Blog Update: Perspectives (Update Entry #9)

Things are going to change with this blog, beyond the update, since I’ve recently found local employment. More on that later, right now, here’s the update’s status:

  • Recorded, edited, and uploaded all of the missing translation recordings;
  • All of the translation recordings have been edited, and now just need to be uploaded. Watch for this tomorrow evening!

  • Created and posted a hyperlinked portfolio page on these blogs;
  • Hyperlinks will be up by the end of the weekend.

  • Sent out two short stories to magazines;
  • I just need to edit them both and figure out where the best places to send them are.

  • Outlined the entirety of the fantasy novel that I’m currently writing;
  • I’ve read it all and have learned that what I’ve written is good, but after nine chapters the story is *just* getting started. In hip writer-speak, I have nine scenes and no sequels, so I already know what I need to do in one regard. Right now I’m working out who the perspective characters need to be.

  • Completed five of those chapters;
  • The form of these chapters is slowly taking shape.

  • Completed the next act (four scenes) of an audio drama I’m working on;
  • The plan from the previous update still needs to be implemented.

While you wait for this blog to come back up, check out my writing about video games here.

And, don’t miss this Friday’s salvo into In the Name of the King in search of the salubrious!

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