Blog Update – Portfolio’d! (Update Entry #5)

The update is slowly moving forward. Here’s where the list stands:

  • Recorded, edited, and uploaded all of the missing translation recordings;
  • These recordings will be edited at some point over the next four days. I’ll probably edit them the same day that I sit down to edit the newest Telos AM podcast.

  • Created and posted a hyperlinked portfolio page on these blogs;
  • All the citations are up. I now just need to get them all hyperlinked and work out how to improve the appearance of this page.

  • Sent out two short stories to magazines;
  • Magazine lists still need to be compiled, but I’m confident that my stories are ready.

  • Outlined the next 10 chapters for the fantasy novel I’m writing;
  • I still need to read the rest of what I’ve written to date. However, inspired by the great Writing Excuses podcast, I’ve decided to outline the entirety of this novel before going forward with writing it.

  • Completed five of those chapters;
  • The plan is still outstanding, so the same can be said of these chapters.

  • Completed the next act (four scenes) of an audio drama I’m working on;
  • No progress yet.

  • Created a Commissions page (accessible through every blog) to accept new commissions.
  • This is the next thing that will be crossed off the list.

Come Friday this blog will be home to a double header: the next blog update, and my look for the likeable in This Means War.

Plus, if you want to read some of my writing on video games, check out my examiner page.

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