The Third Verse of "Tempus Adest Floridum" (Latin)

Words and Rhymes


Seeing that it’s Tuesday, it’s time for the next installment of the song “Tempus Adest Floridum.” So here are my translations of and thoughts on the third verse of the song.

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Here it is in its basic, literal translation:

This lovely creation shows you oh God,
Which also we entrust all deeds
O time therefore of great joy, which it pleases by laughter
Now renew the world, we are rightly renewed.

And then this is the smoother version:

This lovely creation shows you, oh God,
to whom we entrust deeds both bare and shod.
O time therefore of great joy, pleasing all by laughter.
Now we pray you renew the world as we too are e’er after.

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Words and Rhymes

For the most part this was very straight forward.

There were a few vocabulary issues, since I wasn’t entirely sure about “libet” (“it pleases,” an “impersonal” verb according to my dictionary), and “decet” (it becomes, suits, it is right, proper). But those were solved with a quick look in the dictionary.

Again, I confess that my memory for conjugations and declensions isn’t excellent, and so there may be some issues with those, but for the most part I just followed my general rule. Use the context to figure out the word’s function in the sentence or clause and then just translate the other words in the same conjugation in the same way.

Because the song rhymes in Latin, this generally means that words at the end of lines tend to be those that are the same in terms of conjugation. So I just trim those with the same scissors and everything ends up hunky dory.

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However, this little experiment is coming to its end. I just have one more verse and then the song will have been finished, and I’ll be moving onto my next project. I’m not entirely sure what it will be, just yet, but I will be looking around my collections for something.

If you have any suggestions for my next Latin translation project please drop me a comment.

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