A Blogger’s Beowulf in 2016

This quiet, joyous, community-centric holiday part of the year really isn’t suited to stories of kin-slaying and monster thrashing, so I took last week off from A Blogger’s Beowulf (sorry for the late notice!) and am doing the same this week.

So, watch for the next entry in the new year on January 7, 2016.

This entry will mostly be like those that came before it.


Thanks to a semi-reliable Google Alert, I’m planning to start posting news stories that I come across that are related to Beowulf every now and then (expect two per month).

Also, since I’ve picked up a better mic for a podcast I work on, I’m planning to catch up on the “Recordings” section of the posts. Though, this isn’t going to happen right away, it’s just something that’s on the slate for 2016.

As to what’s not on the slate for 2016, there’s finishing translating Beowulf. Even with another 50 or so weeks (factoring in a couple of weeks off), I’ll still be about 900 lines away from finishing the poem. In fact, at my current average of 10 lines per week, I’ll be finished this blog’s titular project in about three years.

I hope you’ll stick with me along the way.

Much more immediately, though, enjoy the rest of the holidays!
Happy New Year!
Be back in 2016!

Waes hael!

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