Why the Blog Break? (Update Entry #0)

My taking a break from these blogs is nothing new. I’ve done it before a few times but, since each of those breaks has been motivated by an unfulfilled desire to tidy things up and to post new pages, I’ve decided to stop regular updates to both this blog and A Glass Darkly until I’ve:

  • Recorded, edited, and uploaded all of the missing translation recordings;
  • Created and posted a hyperlinked portfolio page on these blogs;
  • Made all of the titles of entries uniform across both blogs;
  • Sent out two short stories to magazines;
  • Created a central, personal blog on tumblr;
  • Created a Facebook Writer/Author page;
  • Outlined the next 10 chapters for the fantasy novel I’m writing;
  • Completed five of those chapters;
  • Completed the next act (four scenes) of an audio drama I’m working on;
  • Completed my two outstanding commissions;
  • Created a Commissions page (accessible through every blog) to accept new commissions.

I might not be regularly updating these blogs for the next week or two, but I want it to be clear that, despite more than half of the list being indirectly related to my blogs, these blogs (and those reading them) haven’t been forgotten. So, as I complete each of these tasks, I’ll post an update explaining how the process as a whole is coming along.

Plus, because they’re often the most anticipated and the most fun to put together, I’ll continue to post my weekly movie redemptions/condemnations while I work on these various tasks.

That said, watch this space for updates on my progress, and for this Friday’s attempt to redeem the TV mini-series Earthsea over at A Glass Darkly.

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